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Anyone who wants to live abroad.
Self-employment works in the same way as when an employer hires a regular consultant or freelancer to perform a specific task.
When PGWorkForce receives a payment from an employer for your work, your salary will be paid to your bank account the same day.

Tax & Fees

Lowest fee is guaranteed to all new customers. We will match any other low fee offer! The service fee is between 8% and 10% of the invoice amount depending on your setup. The fee includes invoicing, annual accounts, administration, balance sheet, accounting, salary payment, insurance, business tax, debt collection and costs that PGWorkForce has for employing you.

Safety & Insurance

Working as self-employed is just as safe as a regular employment. We mediate insurance, create agreements and provide information needed. It is in our interest to keep you as a customer.
PGWorkForce mediates a health insurance to all our employees. It covers hospital expenses and provides protection in case of accidents 24/7 in all countries except United States.

About PGWorkForce

Yes, we can help you with this. You can also use the contract agreement template ready to be completed and signed.
Yes PGWorkForce can help you with this. Contact customer service.