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Anyone who wants to work in a country or from a distance and be resident abroad.
Self-employment works in the same way as when an employer hires a regular consultant or freelancer to perform a job. You invoice for hours worked or per assignment.
When PGWorkForce receives a payment from an employer for your work, your salary will be paid to your bank account the same day.
When you are a regular employee, the employer pays a lot of things such as administrative costs, high tax on salary, employer tax, etc. As an self-employee of PGWorkForce, all that money will be paid directly to you as salary instead.

Tax & Fees

There are many countries you can choose to be resident in that does not tax you on salary earned through PGWorkForce as self employed. These countries only tax income related to their own country. Contact Customer Service for more information about tax laws in different country.
The service fee is 9% to 10% of the invoice amount. The fee includes administration, accounting, business tax, and costs that PGWorkForce has for employing you.

Safety & Insurance

Working as self-employed is just as safe as a regular employment. We mediate insurance, create agreements and provide information needed. It is in our interest to keep you as a customer. With over 12 years of experience, we can help with everything around self-employment and invoicing.
Yes, you can move back by a simple change of address at the Tax Agency. Your citizenship does not get affected, no matter how long you choose to live abroad.
PGWorkForce mediates a health insurance to all our employees. It covers hospital expenses and provides protection in case of accidents 24/7 in all countries except United States.
As employed, PGWorkForce has a legal responsibility to pay out correct salary. If still unsure you can divide your monthly invoice into weekly invoices. That way you can be absolutely sure that you are going to receive the correct salary.
PGWorkForce never give out any information about you. Therefore you must contact the respective authority yourself to give them the information they need.

About PGWorkForce

Other companies have a fixed point in the country you work in and therefore you will be taxable in that country no matter what country you choose to be resident in.
Yes, we can help you with this. You can also use the contract agreement template ready to be completed and signed.
Our customer service can adjust it for you. You can also login and cancel the invoice, make the necessary changes and then send out the invoice again.
Yes PGWorkForce can help you with this. Contact customer service.
Yes, but you can only deduct expenses that are not subject to VAT. Such costs are added as additions on the invoice.
Create an account here or simply contact us and we will set it up for you.